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Upgraded Our DAW!

Today we spent the last 15 hours upgrading our base station, our DAW, our everything! It was gruelling & time consuming as you can image. 15 hours loading the bloody mac with new software, new drivers & a lot of waiting…but in the end it was so worth it.

We have completely upgraded to Logic X & updated our waves bundle to go with it.

Spy-da personally switched over to Logic X a few months prior on his  mac pro, he says it was definitely the way forward.

SPL will be keeping Logic Pro 9 as have loaded iOS Sierra on another drive.

Logic Pro 9 Rewired with Reason has been my platform of choice for many, many, many years. I just can’t seem to let go of this extremely stable platform I’ve built upon which we’ve made so many bangers on…

At first when loading our new configuration, I needed to ensure the sound card was setup as we use RME Raydat for our unique sound. I then went and loaded a logic 9 project, which to my surprise completely loaded except for the Melodyne project files. Once located I was good to go. There is definitely is a change in sound, for the better of course. And cleaner.

We’ll see how, we get on with it over the next few months. It is doing my head in how they have changed the layout. Not to my liking, but something I can get used to. For now on the whole looking forward to getting stuck in.

I’ll do another post when I’ve fully got into Logic X.



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