ALL WORK IS 100% GUARANTEED: We want you to be pleased with your service. Should you be displeased, contact us immediately and let us know what you are disatisfied with and at no extra charge to you, we will make any and all possible revisions you require. If, for some reason, we am unable to provide a mixed and/or mastered version of your music that meets your satisfaction, you will not be charged! 

Yes, you read that right – If you are not 100% satisfied, you will not be charged!

Remember, mastering cannot fix a bad mix. So please ensure you send only your best mix. Or you can have SPL Engineers mix your song for you prior to mastering. Also, if you have a particular sound you are hoping to emulate, send along a copy of one of that artist’s songs for a reference when you submit your material for mastering. That way we will know the tonal quality and perceived volume you are hoping for.

All submissions for mastering must be 44.1kHz to 96kHz and 16, 24 or 32 bit stereo mixes in .wav or .aiff format. Reference material is excluded. There must be absolutely no pre-mastering done on the final stereo tracks such as EQ, compression, limiting, harmonic enhancement, etc.. Leave that up to the SPL Engineers! To ensure there is absolutely no clipping, make sure that the final mix peaks no higher than -3dB so I will have some headroom to work with. The master will be brought up to industry standards for commercial CD’s.

If you would like CD text inserted, we require you provide us the exact text you want inserted and the song. If you want ISRC codes inserted, please do the same. If you don’t have ISRC’s and are the Recording Rights Owner you can get a Registrant Code that allows you to assign ISRCs for all recordings that you own or control at PPLUK. Or you can get them from us as we also own a record label at the cost of £20. We are licensed with PPL for ISRC registration.

Please note: Payment in full will be required prior to delivery of final mastered material. You will have the opportunity to audition the project by downloading Spy-da Productions App (starts, stops, fades, CD text, etc.)

By submitting your material for mastering, mixing, or restoration you are agreeing with these terms and conditions.