Full Stem Mixing

Full Stem Mixing

Our full stem mixes start from £1500, Send us your stems to have a your music mixed and mastered to radio and streaming quality.


Full track mixes start from £1500. This is up to and limited to 32 track stems. Should your project have more than 32 track stems, please get in touch to discuss your project so we can better quote you.

Mixing & Mastering

You are more than welcome to sit with our engineer, whilst your music is being mixed, however, we generally prefer than he mixes alone. As long as you have described your project in full and have provided a few reference tracks for the overall sound you are looking for, we are 100% confident you will be happy with your mixes and even happier with your masters.

The Final Mix

Before your track is Mastered, we ensure constant dialogue and ensure you are 100% happy with your mixes. Only when you have cleared off your mix we go to the mastering stage.

If you are NOT happy after the 1st master, you’ll be pleased to know you have x 2 more variations available.

If you come to find there are certain elements within the track that have been picked up after the 1st Master, unfortunately, you will have to pay to have these rectified as they would have been signed off prior to being mastered as the responsibility remains with the client to ensure they are fully 100% happy with their initial mix before going to the mastering stage. All issues should be dealt with well before the mastering stage.

Full Stem Mixing

From £1500 per Track