Affiliate Programme



SPY-DA PRODUCTION LTD provides services within the music industry. Services include, Music Production, Recording Studio Hire, Music Recording, Vocal Recording, Vocal Processing, Music Mastering, Vinyl Pressing etc…

SPY-DA PRODUCTIONS LTD has created an Affiliate Referral Partner Programme with a goal of rewarding persons who recommend third parties, customers/clients that place sales order for SPY-DA PRODUCTIONS LTD products and services.

SPY-DA PRODUCTIONS LTD has created this client referral program (“Affiliate Referral Program”) to offer potential partners and persons within the music industry an opportunity to acquire a monetary commission and commission in form of products and services offered by SPY-DA PRODUCTIONS LTD.

What We Are Offering

As an Affiliate Referral Partner for SPY-DA PRODUCTIONS LTD you will receive 15% for any client/s that you refer to us, who places a paid order for any of SPY-DA PRODUCTIONS LTD products and services.

The referred client shall also receive a 10% discount upon confirmed order.

A total of 25% shall be split into two (2) parts as indicated below:

a. 15% Paid in Cash Value For The Affiliate Referral Partner

b.10% Discount For The Referred Client

For example, “if an Affiliate Referral Partner refers a client who places an order(s) for SPY-DA PRODUCTIONS LTD services to a value of £1000. SPY-DA PRODUCTIONS LTD shall pay the Affiliate Referral Partner 15% of the total value of the order, 1. £150 in cash And the referred client shall receive a 10% discount, 2. £100 deduction from their total invoice. 

With regards to our offering of 25% broken into 2 parts, this is non negotiable.

if you have any interest or wish to participate in the referral partner programme, please contact us here. Once we receive the submitted form, a member of our team will follow up with our affiliate program agreement.