Sound Engineering

Sound Engineering

Our studio prides itself on its world-renowned RME RAYDAT – Optical Cables for maximum sound quality, making ordinary music and sound into something EXTRA-ordinary. Pre-production, production, and more, we built our process around Apple Mac, Midas M32, and Waves/Komplete Ultimate 12. Making Spy-da Productions Ltd masters in their trade with audio solution(s) for your musical projects.

Below are a few samples of tracks mixed at Spy-da Productions. (Raw Stereo Files)

Music that has been produced, mixed, engineered and recorded at SPL from pre production to completion of project.


Signal flow, compression, limiters, and more. We know all the important details that make it capable for you to take your music and make the outcome be something amazing. With our mastered packs including x3 variation edits either as downloadable or CD mastered.


Sometimes taking something you’ve made and turning it into something more is difficult. But here at Spy-da Productions, we can remix your original production into whatever you desire with our in-house team!