Our studio prides itself on its world-renowned RME RAYDAT – Optical Cables for maximum sound quality, making ordinary music and sound into something EXTRA-ordinary.

Our recording process is extremely clean. Over the past 20 years, we have very rarely had to record sessions due to recording errors. Our engineers understand that the initial recording process, is as important as the engineering and mixing processes and how crucial it is to get it right from the very beginning.

Where it all begins!

The recording process is one of the most important processes in music production. It sets the foundation for the music that is being produced. Knowing what type of feel is required, be it intimate or aggressive or soft should be captured at this stage.




Nothing but clean sound!

Clean and clear recordings is what you will get from Spy-da Productions Studio. We have been recordings Artists since 2006. We know our signal flow, signal processing, gain staging and what is capable from an extremely well equipped studio such as ours!