Vocal Recording Editing & Processing

Vocal Recording

At Spy-da Productions, we excel in capturing the distinct energy and vibe of your band or music through live recordings in our meticulously designed studio. Our space is acoustically optimised, creating the perfect environment to complement your unique sound. With a comprehensive range of top-tier equipment, we ensure that every element aligns harmoniously to deliver the desired sonic experience. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that your music sounds precisely as you envision it, whether it’s individual tracks or a complex ensemble arrangement. Your musical vision is our priority.

Vocal Editing

Vocal editing and vocal production represent a distinct art form, and at Spy-da Productions, we’ve honed this craft since our establishment in 2006. We recognise the critical role that timing and melodies play in shaping the final recording. To ensure your vocals are pitch-perfect, we employ a range of cutting-edge tools such as Melodyne, Waves Autotune, and Antares Autotune Plugins. Our commitment is to refine your vocal performance to perfection, enhancing every facet of your music.

Vocal / Audio Processing

Equipped with an extensive array of plugins and a blend of both analog and digital mixing techniques, we possess the capability to process your vocals to the utmost pinnacle of quality and industry standards. Furthermore, we offer specialised services for editing and recording personalised or in-house vocal tags. It’s an opportunity to broadcast your brand identity to the world with a distinctive and memorable voice. Let your brand’s unique essence shine through!

A client had asked if we could remove unwanted noise in the audio dialogue and wanted it to be enhanced in terms of level. Below is a before and after of our processing capabilities.

Before Processing

After Processing

Vocal Recording Session

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