Package 1 – Record & Process


For £299.99, Get your Vocals Recorded & Processed. If you come fully prepared, you can have your vocals recorded within 2 hours. If you need more time, additional hours can be added to your vocal recording session as long as there is availability on the day of your booking.


Processing your recorded vocals… Your recorded stems will be put through our software and plugins to ensure your vocals are at the highest standard and ready for the mix down stage. We can run your vocal chain through either Melodyne or Antares Autotune. Equalisation, compression and moderate limiting will be applied at this stage for an industry standard sound.

Package 1

For £299.99, Get your Vocals Recorded & Processed.

Vocals will be recorded & processed and provided to either on USB or uploaded to the cloud and them transferred to you.

How many hours does this equate to?

We anticipate, no more that 4 hours total per track for this particular package. If you go over your 4 hours, there will be additional charges which are dependant on which part of the process we get to within the 4 hours.

How much time is allocated for each process?

If you have rehearsed and know your song and lyrics, depending on your level of experience, it could take an hour, inexperienced singers could take 3-4 hours.

If vocals have been recorded within 2 hour,  you could allocate 2 hour for processing.

As these packages are based on hourly recording & processing times.

Additional Hours are charged as follows:-

Vocal Recording – £35 per hour

Vocal Processing – £40 per hour

Mixing – First 2 hours £50 – £250 there after.

You will receive your song available for download, once invoice has been settled in full.

Alternatively you can choose to have your song added to your USB flash drive.

Vocals are NOT mixed to the music with this service package.

Music is NOT mastered with this service package.

For Full Mixing Packages, Please call or email to discuss your project.

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