Vinyl Cutting Service

25 Vinyl Mastered & Pressed
Mastered & Pressed
25 Records Cut to Vinyl.
50 Vinyl Mastered & Pressed
Mastered & Pressed
50 Records cut to Vinyl.
100 Vinyl Mastered & Pressed
Mastered & Pressed
100 Records cut to Vinyl.

Vinyl Cutting Service

We have partnered with Tony from Heston – Middlesex – A vinyl cutting engineer to bring you official Dub Plates

Tony brings over 20 years of vinyl cutting services to Spy-da Productions Ltd.

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We Can Also...


We work with rock bands, jazz ensembles, string sections, brass sections, big bands, gospel choirs, and everything in between.


Our in-house production team, can provide a variety of services depending on your music projects needs.


We offer vocal tuning, drum alignment, and a variety of ways to help clean up and organize your recording sessions.

Shoot & Edit Videos

SPL Recording Studio is a private & vibrant environment which makes it the perfect place to shoot music videos.

Voice Over & Jingles

We have all of the high end microphones and outboard to give the proper presence your voice over needs.

Sound Design

Wheather it is post production for film or a music track that needs a bigger sound, we can help bring it to life whatever it is you can hear in your head.