So you want to record your own Pod Cast Show?

SPL Studio is fully equipped to ensure your Pod Casts are recorded and edited at the highest standard! Book Now to Record or Edit your Pod Cast Shows.

Although it’s highly unlikely, we can record up to 32 Microphones at the same time so, using the studio and the facilities available, you can comfortably interview you potential guest show appearances.

Recorded Pod Casts can be kept on file for safe keeping – Available on Request.

Need theme music for your podcast – Visit – Spy-da Music for your bespoke music samples. At Spy-da Music Publishing Ltd you can choose the sample you want from the catalogue of Spy-da Productions, Simply :-

  1. Choose your media usage
  2. The length of time you wish to use the material
  3. Digital Sign the License Contract
  4. Make Payment
  5. Download File and Use with your PodCast