Tony The Cutting Egineer

Tony the Cutting Engineer

Had a keen interest in record collecting and general hifi /studio equipment from a young age which eventually led him to purchase a lathe in 2005 as part of reggae sound system collective.  The original idea behind it was to cut the tunes they were making for the sound system onto their own vinyl dub-plates.


When friends and colleagues discovered had the lathe, he was kept very busy cutting vinyl for others.  He has cut vinyl for many genres such as reggae, soul, dubstep, jukebox 7”s right through to northern soul.


Fast forward to 2022 and due to the fire disaster which happened with Apollo Records factory, this knock on effect suddenly changed the dynamics of pressing plants lead times due to shortage of Mastering Laquer.  Covid has also had a surprisingly positive effect on vinyl where a new generation has discovered vinyl and the current trend to cut 25 or 50 records of new young bands material seems to be a very popular trend.

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